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This guide was created for all levels and practitioners. The goal of this guide is to give you the tools, no matter your distance on the journey, to achieve a handstand and to build an encompassing practice while avoiding injury. If you are struggling to get downward facing dog, you will benefit as much as someone who is trying to break their first 60 second freestanding handstand hold. The knowledge and techniques we provide allow for you to safely build the foundations and lead to a long and fruitful practice.

Most people are surprised with how close they are to unlocking a solid handstand! With the right drills, tips, exercises, central nervous system education, and a healthy serving of practice, handstand become an achievable and consistent part of practice.

We give you a guidepost you won’t outgrow, will help your practice bear fruit years down the line, as well as right now. Everyone is on a different journey and requires different tools to work on their practice, so we have all the foundations laid out to help you get upside down! We break down handstands into component parts, work on each part individually, and then put it all together with entire body integration into handstands.

This ebook is broken down into sections: theory (alignment, tightness, balance), specific body parts needed for handstands, drills for those body parts, alignment and tightness drills, strength drills, compression drills, handstand entrances, suggested programming, how to recover from training, and troubleshooting common handstand issues, and more!

We put an immense amount of time, effort and energy into compiling this knowledge for you. We are glad you are making the investment in yourself and can’t wait to see your progress!

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  1. Elizabeth

    This was very educational and appears to be very instructional I look forward to practicing

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