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Our favorite comprehensive and easy to follow flexibility guide ♥️

The most common question we get everyday is how to start your journey towards yoga or flexibility of body and mind. Since it is impossible to answer everyone specifically, we put together this guide to be of service to you attaining your most healthy, pain free, and limber self! Be sure to take a before photo so you can see your progress (and if you send us your before/after photos, we’ll post them!!) 


Included in this guide:

  • 111 pages with high quality photos of poses on how to get you more flexible
  • How to breathe
  • Philosophy behind flexibility
  • Suggested flows for Sun Salutations, backbends, inversion preps, strong core, restorative poses
  • Deepen your Splits and Backbends
  • Detailed descriptions of how to get into poses safely and effectively
  • Downloadable onto any of your preferred devices so you can take it anywhere!


  • Increase flexibility and strength
  • Prevent injury before/after workouts
  • Spinal mobility
  • Decrease stress/anxiety
  • Better sleep
  • Increase body awareness, health, and productivity
  • Increased cognition
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11 reviews for Flexibility Guide

  1. Emily (verified owner)

    I am really impressed with the way this guide is organized and written. Not only are all of the movements clearly and simply shown and explained, their relevance and importance to overall physical health, and how they connect to each other is given. Really excited to spend some time with this e-book and get some flexibility back in my life!

  2. raemoon101 (verified owner)

    Buying this guide was a no-brainer for me. I have struggled with flexibility my whole life. Up until recently, I wasn’t even able to touch my toes without it being a painful struggle. I’ve been on Instagram watching @inflexibleyogis for tips, and Max and Liz for inspiration. I’ve seen so much progress in my flexibility from just watching them. I am making it my mission to become more flexible, so when I saw this guide I bought it instantly. This is the first flexibility guide I have EVER bought and after looking through it, I am extremely happy I did. The guide is detailed and makes everything very clear to understand. I can’t wait to use this every day and then share a picture with the results. Thank you for taking the time to create this guide. WORTH EVERY PENNY! Keep doing what you are doing, because you are an inspiration to many 🙂 Also looking forward to more beginners flexibility guides in the future!

  3. Shirley

    This guide is so helpful for my journey for flexibility, health, and inspiration! The book is wonderfully formatted for easy absorbtion and understanding! The tutorial pictures are clear and easy to follow too. I love the lucid definitions, the what, why, and how’s that are included for every subject. One of my favorite parts is the cute motivational tidbits that make me smile and keep me going :)! 10/10 would recommend!

  4. serenecorreia (verified owner)

    I followed Liz one day randomly after looking into yoga on Instagram and I instantly fell in love with everything she is about from her veganism to her lifestyle to her practice! I’ve been watching her post for some time now and have sparked an interest in yoga, I’ve never been flexible in fact I deal with lower back and hip pain a lot of the times so I wanted to find a way to help treat that but it’s been hard looking around for a good guide to help me that’s easy to follow and clear and having multiple tabs open of different stretches and poses can become overwhelming. I’m really happy with the guide Liz has created you can tell she put in a lot of hard work, passion and dedication into her practice and now a book for us! I can’t wait to start and grow maybe one day I’ll be as good as her!

  5. Peter (verified owner)

    Each of the individual exercises is described fairly well but there is very little linking them together into progressions or a cohesive program. From the description and the comments others had made, I was expecting a more integrated program to achieve flexibility rather than just a list of nicely described exercises.

  6. Mona

    I am so thrilled by it!

  7. Anupam Maheshwari

    Yoga 🧘‍♂️ instruction

  8. fereshte


  9. seve.brunon (verified owner)

    Très bon livre, beaucoup beaucoup d’images, et de progression pour chacune des poses.
    Pour une débutante je trouve cela génial. ça me remotive.

  10. Carla

    Amazing techniques and easy to follow by all levels

  11. Carla Abourjeily

    Very Nice techniques and easy to apply alone

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