Frequently Asked Questions

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Where’s my flexibility guide?

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Help, I can't access my guide!

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How do I download?

Here’s a helpful link to download pdf files onto your device(s):

How do I use the guide?

You can do the exercises to warm up, cool down, or supplement any existing physical practice – and for your tighter body parts/areas you want to focus more on, start out with those and take on a couple (or more) of stretches daily to incorporate into your routine! There are also some suggested flows in the back to follow! 🙏
For example:
MWF: wrists, shoulders, spine
TTh: hamstrings, quads, lower body
Sat: strength, twists
Sunday: rest

I don't have a PayPal account (or don't want to make one)! Can I purchase with credit/debit card?

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